Monday, January 7, 2019

Red for RSC19

This year I am planning to participate in Angela's RSC program. My RSC block will be like this one:

I am calling it Seeing Spots, because the background fabric will be a dotted swiss and the block is sort of like a big dot. My scrap bins tend to have strips a bit smaller than 2.5", so by using 2" strips the blocks will end up at 9" finished.  If I make 3 blocks for the next eight months plus one extra, that will give me enough to set 5 x 5 and should make a nice sized baby quilt at 45 x 45 inches.  The block idea came from Capital Quilters Guild in Australia (click here for this one and other blocks of the month).  I have made all three RED blocks for January although I did not snap a picture yet.

It's not making much of a dent in my scrap bin, so I need another RSC project. Maybe I should choose this one called Spring Bloom, or God's Eye.  Both are on my wish list. I have about 5 yards of solid black, so the large God's Eye blocks may be the winner. What do you think?


  1. Nice block choice for this year's RSC project! I don't think you could go wrong with either of those additional blocks, but the God's Eye block is SEW stunning. That's a different variation than I've seen before. Good luck with your choice (and sewing down your scrap stash!)

    1. That God's Eye block would look fantastic in batiks. My batik stash is rather limited, so I will not limit myself to that. Can't wait to see the first block!