Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018

My word for this year is Appreciate. The word Appreciate can mean growth or it could mean being thankful for what you have. Sounds like a great idea!

Blueberry Hill / Jamestown Landing arrived back from my Pennsylvania longarmer right after Christmas. I'm so excited that this 2013 project will finally be done! Anyone who has made this Bonnie Hunter design knows the amount of effort that has gone into it.

So, what are your new year resolutions?  I've been able to accomplish most of my resolutions in years past, so I am continuing the practice.

My quilting goals for this year are to 

(1) cut my UFO list in half (pretty ambitious), 
(2) clean up my sewing room / office, 
(3) enter one quilt and one small project in a quilt show, 
(4) blog at least twice a month, and 
(5) continue building new friendships in my local quilt guilds.

I decided to break down the first resolution into quarterly plans.  Here is my UFO plan for 1Q 2018:

1. Blueberry Hill a/k/a Jamestown Landing - binding in January.
2. Big Star County - longarming in January, binding in February.
3. Meadow Mist Magnolia Mystery - longarming in January, binding in February.
4. In the 'Hood - design how to quilt in January, begin FMQ in February.
5. Grand Illusion - assemble flimsy by March.
6. Colorado Sunshine a/k/a Floribunda - assemble flimsy by April.
7. Red Cross - finish up the FMQ (finally!) in March.

Please encourage me to stick with this plan. I will not let myself begin a new project until at least three of these are completed. Do you know how hard it is to resist all those wonderful projects calling my name??!!

For the second, I've already begun working on my sewing room, but it is still too "ugh" to even show a picture.  

The third resolution will require me to finish binding Blueberry Hill and make a wall hanging to enter in the fall quilt show.

This post helps me achieve the fourth resolution.

Tonight is the weekly quilt guild "bee" and I'm bringing a few items found in my room cleanup to give to my friends.

My personal non-quilting goals for this year are to fly to local airports and explore more, focus on healthy exercise to lose weight and feel better, improve my vegetable garden results, and strengthen friendships within my church family.

Happy New Year!  

P.S. My daughter and her boyfriend were in New York City Times Square with millions of other people last night. Way Cool - literally!

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