Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Morning

Like nearly every woman around the world, I watched the royal wedding this morning. Lady Di's baby boy got married!  I still remember the incredible wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles, and yes, Prince William and Kate's wedding where her sister Pippa got so much attention. Today Harry and Meghan had their own gorgeous wedding, filled with touching moments and surprising aspects.  A gospel choir? Wow!  And I definitely enjoyed the musical interludes such as that 19-year-old who played cello after the vows were exchanged. I cried right along with Meghan's mother, imagining my own little girl in her future wedding. Great pics in this article.

Then after doing some housecleaning chores, it was time to sew.  I finished the cutest little baby quilt made solely from my stash. Each square has a story and most of these fabrics are in other quilts I have made or play clothes made for my little girl (who is now 21 - lol).  Pattern is a tutorial from, fittingly, Wedding Dress Blue.

On a higher note, my hubby and I flew my little airplane to Savannah last Saturday. We had a great time walking around the historical district. The night before our flight, we watched "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" for another perspective on Savannah. Of course, we had to walk through Chippewa Square, the park featured in "Forrest Gump".  And a Forrest lookalike was sitting on a park bench as we walked by.  We saw Juliette Gordon Low's house, the Mercer Williams house from "Midnight...", and the Owens-Thomas house. No we did not tour any of them because the entrance fees were way too high.  After lunch we walked by the water for a bit then drove around the old Bonaventure Cemetery and Forsythe Square.  Soon it was time to head back to the airport.  Late afternoon rain showers delayed our departure a bit.  That's what happens when flying in the summer time.  Once up in the air, we passed a dark storm cell which I later found out dropped large hailstones in Augusta, Georgia.  As we lined up with the runway at home, we were greeted with this lovely rainbow.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Merry Month of May

There are many articles about setting goals, promising that you will accomplish more when striving toward a goal. So very true!  I set a goal this year of finishing at least half of my UFOs. According to my tracking sheet, I am almost halfway to my goal.

This weekend I made great progress finishing a really old UFO.  Around 2014, I had made made several disappearing 4-patch blocks, then put them away to focus on other projects.  This year in February I made enough blocks to create a throw-sized quilt.  This weekend I sewed the blocks and added a couple small borders to create a flimsy. Thank you to my readers for chiming in on how to arrange the blocks. I opted for a standard layout and it looks pretty, if I do say so myself.
The light outer border is a red-on-white print from Joanne's.

Next it was time to make my RSC blocks for May. This month's colors were pink and rose, very merry colors (and that's the tie-in with this blogpost's title).
Here are all the RSC blocks from January through May. I hope the next color is red, but it doesn't really matter because we will eventually work through all the other colors.

Monday, April 30, 2018

I Love Spring

What's not to love about springtime? April showers lead to flowers even before May. The trees are beginning to leaf out. The weather is warmer. And vacation season is beginning.  <sigh> I need a vacation.

As for quilting, this is what I accomplished since my last post:
1. Dropped off two quilts to be longarmed (Sapphire Stars and Mesa Valley).
2. Began binding my Grand Illusion quilt.
3. Finished the flimsy of Autumn Stars from the November 2017 Sew Sampler fat quarter pack.
Also, I'm ready to begin work on a quilt guild challenge "A traditional block in a non-traditional way". I went searching and decided on Grandma's Flower Garden SPHERE.  This quilt can be found at HERE.

Philosophical note of the day.... In a book I read recently, I saved this quote:  "I believe that our actions affect every person we met, even those we encounter only briefly. The sum of all our actions, good or bad, is our legacy." So true.  It may be your smile that brightens someone's day. It may be your "Hello" that chases away someone's loneliness. Or your impatience creates frustration which snowballs into an argument with a family member. I think our actions bounce into people like that little ball in a pinball machine.

On a higher note, springtime showers have prevented me from flying the last few weekends, but Sunday evening was perfect.  Low wind, deep blue skies, and mild temperatures made it perfect. So I went flying around the area, landing at several local airports. My first approach was low and the landing rather hard, but the other two were great. I blew the spiderwebs off the plane and now it's time to plan a longer trip for my next flight.

So what are you working on this spring?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

April UFO Update

Hello!  Spring has sprung and it's time for some spring cleaning out more old UFOs.  April has been a productive month in my sewing room. This is what has been accomplished so far in April.

1.  I finished the flimsy for RSC 15!  (Or nearly finished--needs just a little white border and a new picture).  Finally I have a quilt worthy of some custom quilting!
2. RSC 18 "Squared Away" blocks for April are done. Isn't Yellow a happy color?
3. I cut and sewed the blocks for the Autumn Stars pattern from my November 2017 Sew Sampler box. The borders are ready to apply.  This one will not land on my UFO list at all. Whew!
4. Sapphire Stars is a flimsy!  It's going to the longarmer tomorrow.
5. My version of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion will be picked up from the longarmer tomorrow. The binding step will go quickly and that means one more UFO checked out the list.

What's up next?  My quilting goals for 2nd quarter are to sew a quilt for my guild's challenge (a traditional block in a non-traditional way), finish more UFOs, and make a baby quilt for my daughter's friend.

Which UFO should I work on next?  Please leave a message with your vote.
1. Assemble those red/white disappearing 4-patches into a flimsy.
2. Assemble my old Floribunda blocks (another Bonnie Hunter pattern) and finish up the piano key border. 
3. Free-motion quilt the Little Fox quilt.
4. Work on my En Provence quilt.

On a higher note, the weather looks great for this weekend so I am expecting to fly circles in the sky in my airplane. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine this weekend, too.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mesa Valley

Have you heard of Fat Quarter Shop's Sew Sampler subscription?  For about $26 a month, you receive a box filled with fabric, a pattern, notions and coupons. I started my subscription last September and have loved nearly every box. My favorite so far has been the October 2017 box. The fabric, quilt pattern and notions delighted me. Some of the subscribers did not like the Tula Pink modern fabric included that month (according to the FQS blog), but you just can't please everyone. My fabric stash has a lot of traditional-style prints, so it was fun to work with a modern print for a change. In fact, I may have ordered a couple fat quarter collections with more modern style fabrics....

Check out this Mesa Valley quilt using the Tula Pink Spirit Animal prints. It was included in my Sew Sampler box from October. The pattern was very easy and quick to assemble. I decided to use a light tan "sandy" fabric for the background rather than white.  If you make this pattern, you can safely reduce the background fabric by 3/4 yard. Also, I recommend pressing the block seams open (even the flying geese piece) to reduce bulk.  I pressed to the side only for between the blocks and for the borders.

Also I finished the green RSC 18 blocks for March. Here are the blocks for January, February and March:

On a higher note, I flew last weekend with an instructor for my biennial review. Private pilots like me are required to meet with a flight instructor every two years to make sure we are still operating safely.  We spent some time reviewing charts and regulations, and swapping a few stories. Then it was time for my flight review.  We took off and headed out to practice some flight maneuvers.  It was a rather bumpy flight because the winds were changing directions due to a cold front that was passing through later that evening. In fact, I discovered the winds switched to a completely opposite direction after my takeoff. After circling to land in the right direction, my landing was thankfully smooth and uneventful.  So with a fresh signature in my logbook, I am ready to explore the skies once again.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Green Light

Green light or light green?  The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for March is green. The color my grass will soon be.  The color that means "Go".

Here is my green block, the first of three needed for my version of RSC 18.  My January and February blocks each have a center featuring a special print, so I decided to follow the same concept for the little Shoo-Fly block in the middle of this block.

I am also pleased to report progress on another UFO, a disappearing 4-patch project begun in 2012. All 42 of the blocks I had planned to make are made plus 1 extra. Each block is a different red print with a white-on-white print as contrast. Now let's figure out how to arrange them.

Which layout do you prefer?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

UFO Progress

Hallelujah!  My UFO pile is finally decreasing!  Progress so far in 2018:

1. Jamestown Landing - DONE
2. Big Star Country - DONE
3. Magnolia Mystery - DONE
4. Grand Illusion - being longarmed.
[You can find these on my 2018 Quilts page.]

5. Sapphire Stars - Need to add final border; backing has arrived.

6. Baby Fox - sandwiched and ready to quilt.

7. RSC15 Sampler - Three rows complete; need to finish the remaining four rows.

8. Red/white Disappearing 4-patch - 14 more blocks to cut and reassemble, then arrange all blocks into a 48-block flimsy. Need to figure out backing.

I have started only one new quilt in 2018 - the RSC sampler for 2018. But I'm collecting fabric for others....gotta finish more UFOs first! 

I hope you are progressing on your own UFOs, too!