Monday, December 29, 2014

Grand Illusion and Broncos Crossroads

Thank you, Bonnie, for an easy step #5 to your Grand Illusion mystery!  I quickly finished those four-patches and started trying to catch up with the remainder. I'm joining in her Linky Party today. 

I took inventory and discovered I have a lot more to go on this quilt.

Step #1 Broken Dishes 1 - have 40, need 60 more
Step #2 Double Diamonds - have 44 need 56 more 
Step #3 Checkerboard - have 50 need 70 more
Step #4A Broken Dishes 2 - have 23 need 17 more
Step #4B Broken Dishes 3 - have 5 need 35 more
Step #5 - Four Patches - DONE

Those double diamonds seem to be the set I feel I am really dragging on, even though my inventory shows I still have a lot more broken dishes sets to go. The piece is not that difficult either, but seems to be the most time-consuming.  With Celtic Solstice, it was both the chevrons and the birds-in-the-air pieces that were the last ones I finally finished.  (And they are DONE finally!!!)  What has been the most challenging piece for you?

Also.....Broncos Crossroads is finished!!! The binding and label were completed last night.  I intended this quilt to be a gift but I like it so much that I may just keep this one. It is also the fastest quilt I have ever done (three months).  I love all those blues. The quilting motif is swirls with an occasional star in a medium blue thread. It makes for great texture and touches all those tiny squares.  This is the first time all four corners of the binding came out perfect. Can't believe it took me so long to figure out the trick - pinning and no stitches at all beyond the 1/4 inch edge.

On a higher note, my hubby and I went flying on Saturday. The skies were clear blue and the windsock was completely limp. It felt fantastic to be back up in the air! I had been feeling down lately and after a little airtime, my mood was considerably lighter (I was feeling UP). It happens every time. Flying to me is being in that top triangle of Maslow's heirarchy of needs. Flying is my flow (look up Mihály Csíkszentmihályi).  After a nice burger at a nearby airport, we breezed back home. Aaah, it was a good day.


  1. I like your progress on the mystery quilt, but I really like your Broncos Crossroads. Really flashy!

    1. Thanks, Elliott! It's warm, too. I slept under it last night and it brought dreams of winning Super Bowl 2015.

  2. Broncos Crossroads would definitely be hard for me to part with. Stunning! Clue 2 is very time consuming. I still have pairs to join together. Happy New Year!

    1. There is just something about blue and white quilts I really like. The bit of orange in my Broncos quilt makes the blues glow. I hope my quilt gives you the motivation to work on your version!

  3. The double diamonds took me the longest also! You are right, they aren't difficult, I guess I was focusing more on using as many scraps up as possible for that step? Your "Broncos Crossroads" is superb! Any Bronco fan would be happy to have that one! I wish I could look forward to flying like you, but, alas, I must take care of needy people on a plane instead of enjoying the ride! LOL

  4. That would be a great quilt in Packers colors, lol! Nice job on it and on the GIMQ too!