Saturday, January 2, 2016

Word for 2016

Happy New Year!  Many people have chosen a "word of the year" to represent their goals for the coming year.  My theme word for 2016 is "Determined", as in determined to finish more UFOs, determined to exercise more, determined to eat healthier, determined to clear the clutter. I almost chose "Driven" which some of my friends would say describes me very well, but I prefer the positive aspects of "Determined."

According to Google dictionary, determined means:
   * having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it
   * processing or displaying resolve

My first goal is to finish more UFOs.  Below is a list of the UFOs I intend to finish this year:

1. Binding on Sweet Dreams and Celtic Solstice.  DONE

2. Mother Earth -delivered to longarmer 1/3/2016  DONE

3. Strawberry Fields - delivered to longarmer 1/3/2016   DONE

4. Sly as a Fox - Quiltmaker pattern sewn in June 2014) - ready for me to quilt

5. Red Cross (sewn in 2013;  inspiration Just a few more blocks to FMQ; already bound

6. 1860s Revival (goose & goslings block with retro zigzag setting; started in 2013) 

7. Colorado Sunshine (Bonnie Hunter's Floribunda pattern, began in 2012) needs 7 more blocks plus borders  June update: needs 1 block fix and a bit more of the pieced border

8. Orange Blossoms (based on Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush pattern) - began October 2015. June update: now a flimsy awaiting backing so it can be sent to be longarmed

The above quilts are ones I am determined to finish in 2016. Hopefully I will also find time to finish these other UFOs:

10. Blueberry Hill (Bonnie Hunter's Jamestown Landing) began in 2013. Just a few more blocks to go, then work on the strip border

11. Rainbow Scrap Quilt 2015 (from

12. Grand Illusion in progress - changing the checkerboard sashing to a lighter green.

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  1. You have so many great projects in progress! I know you can make a dent in them...seems like making a list is the first step! Cannot wait to see them all finish. I am trying to pick a word too..will be blogging on that soon!