Monday, November 16, 2015

Sewing and Sari

Did you know Veteran's Day (November 11) was also the festival of Diwali celebrated in India?  My office has a lot of contractors from India, so we celebrated with a buffet of tasty Indian dishes. Several of the contractors gave a presentation about the festival and traditions. Diwali essentially is like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into a multi-day festival.  Many of the ladies wore a beautiful sari.  I wore a decorative teal-colored dress bought in Tunisia, the most exotic outfit in my closet. It was much simpler than a sari but the ladies were gracious and appreciative of my attempt to dress up for the occasion. Here is a sample of one of the lovely outfits:

Unfortunately, the project I was working on has been put on hold, so now I am interviewing for my next position. Hopefully it will be within the same company. It's a bit nerve-wracking right now.

At least I have been accomplishing quite a bit in my sewing. I finished a few more blocks for Orange Crush, another set of hamburger potholders, the backing for Mother Earth (16-patch and pinwheels)

a new lunch bag

and a special cardinal potholder for my mother-in-law who loves those birds.

I also checked my stash to be sure I am ready for next week's Allietare clue.

In the meantime, I'm trying to exercise more for fitness and stress relief. Fitness, right.  Okay, for weight loss. Ugh. I'm at my highest weight ever and have finally figured out that I cannot eat myself thinner....I have to exercise.  When daylight savings time kicked in, suddenly it was too dark to take long walks in the evening. Oh, who am I kidding? I stopped those long walks two months before the time change. Okay, maybe posting a selfie on the fridge might bring the motivation. I miss that Barbie bod of mine. It's scary how easy it is to add those inches!

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