Friday, April 3, 2015

Becoming an adult

Yesterday was my dear daughter's 18th birthday. Supposedly she is an adult now, but I will always think of her as my baby girl. She has such a bright future. I am so proud of her!  My most recent advice to her was "Just because you Can doesn't mean you Should."  Please share your words of wisdom or advice in a comment.

Earlier this week, just before March ended, I finished my two yellow blocks for my 2015 Rainbow Scrap Quilt designed by I can't wait to start on purple blocks for April.

Last weekend I dropped off three quilts with North Star Longarm Service, one of which was the humoguously, gigantico king-sized Celtic Solstice. I am so excited that one is nearly finished!  My longarmer Cindy was in awe of the number of pieces in it. Bonnie Hunter's quilts are so detailed. There are a few die-hard quilters who finish her mystery quilts right away. Thank goodness there are an even greater number who, like me, need a BIT more time to finish up. Like, a whole year.

Again, my theme for this year is Perseverance.  I am really trying to finish up some of my UFOs. This week I am working on Blueberry Hill (Jamestown Landing design by Bonnie Hunter). OMG - this one is like a marathon!  I have decided not to do a string border and simply find a nice blue stripe for the outer border. IMHO, a string border is just asking for an unraveled nightmare with so many seams on the outside edge. Yes, I could stay-stitch the edge but there is still a risk. Besides, I am saving my blues for Bonnie's Smith Mountain design. Or maybe I'm just tired of sewing strings. Anyway, check out the progress....

 I am proud to report that I need only 18 more string blocks and 17 more broken dishes blocks to finish up.

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