Saturday, March 7, 2015

Celtic Solstice by Spring

The weather in my area has been brutal lately. Gray skies and cold temperatures made me want to sit by the fire and just read instead of sew.

So, let me catch up on my bloggin'.

On February 28, I missed sewing so much that I took a few minutes to finish my two pink blocks for February's Rainbow scrap challenge.  Not bad!

I recently traded emails with a fellow blogger and confessed that I was afraid to show my quilting space. My hubby had gifted me this nice cabinet which a friend recently assembled. I promptly filled it up and still had four bins of fabric leftover (well, five actually). I figured people would think I was showing the Before picture when this is really my After picture. This is the picture I'm not afraid to show.

We got EIGHT inches of snow on Thursday, March 5th. Snow can be pretty and although my area has not been inundated with as much snow as Boston, I'm really tired of it.  On Friday most of it melted in the sun.

Remember my frustration on Celtic Solstice, coming up just a little bit short on border fabric? After waiting a couple weeks, I decided to look for different fabric and made the trek to my new favorite quilt shop. Aha! Found a good substitute!  And check out the pieced border cornerstones; I changed my mind and created a broken-dishes block which fit so much better with the blue and orange triangles. FINAL BORDER IS ON!  The backing is ready to go, too! Boom - as of today this 14-month project is ready for quilting!

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful and what a great effort , it looks like a great many pieces besides being made larger. your little corner blocks fit perfectly and I love the colors you have put together!