Sunday, February 15, 2015

Call for Stripes

After a year of starts and stops, Celtic Solstice is nearing the finale.  I made the various parts for the missing (ahem miscounted) blocks.

The parts were assembled into 10 beautiful blocks.

The beautiful blocks were laid out next to the finished rows. Yikes! I need ONE more! Oh yeah, I needed 61 in total, not 60.

Thankfully I had a few parts left over and quickly assembled the final block.  Hallelujah!  

Today I finished the middle, then began on the borders.  

A quick burst of creativity resulted in four small corner units that became labels.

Final border to go.  Oh no! I don't have enough strips of green striped fabric to go around, even without mitering the corners.  I have about 425 inches of green stripe but I need at least 444 inches. How can that be? Oh yeah. I had originally planned to make the queen size for which I would have had plenty of green striped fabric for mitering the corners.  But now that I biggie-sized into KING, there just isn't enough and the fabric is no longer available. It's the perfect green coloring for this quilt.

Ok, calling all quilters.  Does anyone have any extra Connecting Threads "Holiday Elegance" dark green stripe fabric they might want to sell or trade?  I need a 3.5" strip 42" long (selvage to selvage) or at least 20 inches of a 3.5" strip.  
Please, oh please!

On a higher note, the weather cleared enough last weekend to go flying! A bunch of us flew to an airport about 45 minutes flying time south. We enjoyed a nice lunch and tour of the local airport museum dedicated to WWII memorabilia. We even got to climb inside a B-25 under restoration.  It was a glorious sunny day and I made a perfect landing coming home. The glider club even rated it a 10!  Nice finish to fun day.


  1. CS is looking that green stripe fabric but I have none to share with you. Glad you are getting in some flying!

  2. Your Celtic Solstice is coming right along! I sure do hope you find that fabric from someone! Have you tried the Quiltville's Open Studio on Facebook?