Sunday, January 25, 2015

Say it isn't so

Full of energy and resolve, I began assembling KSCS (king-sized Celtic Solstice). Wow, that's 121 blocks to sew together, plus three borders. Okay, I can do this.

Goodness, this quilt is wide. It stretched across the entire open area in my bedroom. Each block is being placed so that the dark corners are different blue prints. Looking good!
Had to take a break and see what it looks like with the modified orange triangle border. The green squares look like crystals, so I wanted the orange border to appear crystalline, too.  
Continuing the progress. I'm excited!  I'm finally getting this one done! Just a few more rows to go.
Oh no!  I only have five more crystal blocks but around 15 more stars. Where are the rest of my crystals? Could I have miscounted? Nooooooooooooooooo!  

After a frantic search and wallowing in mixture of disappointment and despair, I decided to persevere. Yep, my word for 2015.  I have eight full rows ready to sew together, so that's what I did.

Now I am resigned to digging out all those remnants and *gulp* make 10 blocks with chevrons and birds-in-the-air units. That's 80 half-square yellow/orange triangles, 40 chevrons, 40 birds-in-the-air, My hubby's reaction? "You've made them before, you can make just a few more." He is still alive. 

See that blank corner? I'm thinking I want an orange square on point with blue corners. Or maybe a little star made of several orange prints. We'll see what I am in the mood for, after making those last 10 blocks. Perseverance.

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  1. It looks fabulous! I love seeing this one come together! What a feeling--right?