Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flying and Crossroads

Today's weather was beeeaauuutiful!  Cool, crisp air, sunny skies and light breezes.  I did some landing practice in Nine-Zero-Bravo this evening. She hopped in the air and bobbed up to pattern altitude as I turned from crosswind to downwind. She didn't want to land until I was able to slow her down enough to kiss the ground. Ahh, there's nothing like some air time to reset one's attitude about life.

Saturday's weather was gray and rainy, so what's a girl to do when she is stuck inside?  Sew, baby, sew.  And that I did.  Carolina Crossroads is progressing nicely.  I have all 25 Crossroads blocks (the O blocks) done and 2 of the Carolina Star blocks.  Only 14 more Carolina Star blocks to go and a bunch of triangle blocks for the on-point setting.  Here is a preview:

If you read Andee's blog (, you've seen multiple green & yellow quilts dedicated to her favorite pro football team.  This one is dedicated to MY favorite team - the Broncos! I've been a fan since the early John Elway days.  It has been fun watching Peyton Manning make the team exciting again.


  1. Your Bronco's quilt is going to be fabulous! This is a great pattern to do in team colors....maybe I should do another, lol! Cannot wait to see it grow!

    1. Thanks, Andee! This has been a fun, easy quilt. I chose to have the same background and a consistent orange, and let the blues play around. In my last few quilts I pressed the seams open, but this one works great to press to the blue side and the seams nest nicely. I definitely recommend measuring and trimming the hourglass units before assembling the Carolina Star. It was amazing how far off the unit size was.