Monday, September 8, 2014

Airplane Maintenance

September is my favorite month in the year!  It's my birthday month, the weather is usually cooler and still sunny, and the leaves are starting to turn into a rich autumn tapestry. This picture is borrowed; it looks very similar to the stream behind my house. We hike along a deer trail in the woods, or drive to a spot further downstream which is a public park courtesy of William Penn. Yes, THE William Penn.  I live in Pennsylvania, after all, also known as Penn's Woods.

The fall foliage really kicks in mid-October. I will snap a few pics from the air in the next couple of weeks. My airplane will have its annual maintenance check at the end of September which hopefully won't cost nearly as much or take as long as last year. She likes this cooler weather. She leaps off the runway quickly and wants to float when we come in for a landing. [I am sighing, wishing I was flying right now!]

Hope you are enjoying the early hints of fall and a nice hike in the woods.

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