Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two Steps Forward

 You know the saying "Two steps forward, one step back"?  This year's theme is Focus (on Finishing). I have a goal of finishing three quilt projects before starting a new one. Three steps forward, one step back.  Autumn Leaves is done, Red Cross is ready to quilt, and both Royal Beads and 1860s revival are being assembled into a top. That's exciting! 

But my mind is already dreaming of which project will be the next NEW one.

Which project should I begin?  Please add a comment and let me know which one you'd choose.

1.  Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight (I like this border option)
2. Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Crossroads in blue & orange

3. Batik Jewelbox

4. Bonnie Hunter's Smith Mountain Morning

5. Or should I keep working on unfinished projects such as the expansion of Celtic Solstice into king size? I already cut the fabric pieces for the first step (neutral and orange triangles with tri-rec wings).


  1. I can narrow my recommendation down to two: the Batik Jewel box or continuing the Celtic Sunrise. Since all the Bonnie Hunter designed quilts share the characteristic of many, many small pieces combined into many units, then blocks, why not continue with the one for which you've already cut the pieces? If you want something different, the jewel box quilt has less moving pieces and would be a (relatively) faster quilt to make.

    In your shoes, I would likely make a decision, sleep on it and see if I woke up in the morning thinking that I wish I had chosen one of the others ... if so, switch :-)

    1. You are so right about the many, many pieces of Bonnie Hunter's designs. Okay, I think I may choose both Celtic and Jewelbox, making each a leader/ender of the other.I'm rather tired of Jamestown Landing at the present, so will set it aside a bit.

  2. My thoughts were exactly the same as Sophie's .... keep on working on the Solstice quilt rather than start another intensively pieced one (lovely though they are!). If you really need a change of pace, go for the Jewel Box as it will work up quicker. Which ever way you go, enjoy :)

    1. Thanks for continuing to check out my blog and for your encouragement!