Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Long Haul

It is the last week of February and I had hoped to have another quilt done-done. Did not happen. But at least I have two flimsies ready - Red Cross and Royal Flush - and the backings are stitched and sized.  I have all the blocks for 1860s Revival ready to be trimmed and assembled. I made three blocks for Block Lotto.  And.....

I spent almost the entire Presidents Day cutting and sewing pieces for expanding Celtic Solstice to king-size.

I decided to resist the urge to start a new project and keep slogging away at this one and Blueberry Hill.  As for the two flimsies ready to go, I found spray basting works best for my rudimentary quilting apparatus (basic Singer sewing machine). Eventually the ground outside will be clear and dry enough to lay out the two flimsies for spraying. Then I can get some quilting done and FINALLY finish two more UFOs [and maybe start a new project!!!].

Life isn't all about sewing, thankfully. I spent yesterday with my daughter and her friend shopping for prom dresses. Yee gads.  Three hours and three stores later, they finally found their dream dresses. They posted their selfies online to 'reserve' the color and design --- no other girls at their school are supposed to buy the same one. Yeah, I hope that works!

On a higher note, the snow and ice are STILL blocking my hangar door.  We have dug out what we can but the snow keeps sliding down the roof, and drips inside the door keep freezing up at night. It was gorgeous flying weather yesterday, but not possible for me to get up yet. I am reading "Hawk and Me" by David Helms to pass the time. David shares his experiences of flying his beloved single-engine Hawk XP on a 10,000 mile journey across the US.  It's pretty good, a bit different than a couple similar journey books I have read. If you want a great one, though, I recommend Stephen Coonts "The Cannibal Queen". Coonts is an awesome writer; I felt like I took the trip with him in the 1942 Stearman.

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  1. Good to hear you are progressing well with your quilty UFOs :)