Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nearing the Finish Line

It is exciting when you are almost finished making blocks for a new quilt. This quilt is a layout of my own design, using the Goose & Goslings block shown in a quilt in Moda Bakeshop called "Clover Cake Quilt" from sweetwater cotton shoppe.  I wanted to highlight the block and use a more traditional setting. The Goose & Goslings block first made its appearance around 1860 which is around the time my great-grandmother Berta Wendler was born (1868). She later emigrated to the US from Germany at the age of 15.

The working title of this quilt is "1860s Revival" or maybe "Mother Goose". Which name do you think would fit this design the best? Maybe I should call it "Silly Goose".  

Each block features a different fabric offset with muslin. The setting triangles fabric is Winter Wheat in Denim from Connecting Threads. I plan to use a wool batting and back it in a cream/blue toile, also from Connecting Threads. 

Anyway, I made another half block tonight so I need one more full block and two half blocks. Then I can pull everything together. Should I extend the setting fabric into a three inch border all around or just finish the edge without a border like most antique quilts?

Then it's time to Quilt as Desired. Okay. I'm thinking of echoing the zig zag on the sashing and doing a simple free motion design on the blocks. Or maybe I should sew groups of triple lines in the sashing?  Aargh, this is why I have so many flimsies waiting to be quilted! I have a hard time deciding how to quilt the darn things. 


  1. I like the strong zig-zag your setting makes. I wouldn't add a border at all, otherwise you might spoil the effect :)

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. Then the quilt will be around 75 x 90 unless I get ambitious and add more blocks to fill out 7x8 layout and extend the size to 105 x 120. Oh yeah, FOCUS is my word this year, so I will focus on finishing what I've got. This layout and size was exactly what I sketched on a desk calendar page early last year..