Sunday, February 2, 2014

And Many More!

Remember that Dr. Seuss book "Hand Hand Fingers Thumb"?  All those monkeys drumming on drums? As the monkeys multiply, one verse goes "Many more fingers, many more thumbs, many more monkeys drumming on drums".

Okay, why am I quoting Dr. Seuss?  Well, I have many more pieces, many more blocks, many more hours of sewing and watching the clock.  (Dum ditty dum ditty dumb dumb dumb.)  

My Celtic Solstice quilt is a faithful adaptation to Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt.  I kept up with the clues and had all my blocks and borders ready to go.  Just when I was ready to assemble blocks and add the borders, my hubby begged me to make a larger version so it could be used as a bedspread.  OMG that is more than double the amount of sewing! But I'm glad he liked the design as much as I do!

So....I have enough of the colors and neutrals, and I even have plenty of green stripe for the outer border. Maybe a couple months later I will be able to report finally that I'm done. Just not now.

In the meantime, I am busy working on my UFO list and using up adhesive bandages. No, my sewing isn't hazardous. Just don't give me a knife.  Somehow I cut my finger while making peanut butter cookies. Dull knives do not cut plastic bags of brown sugar but they do cut fingers. (Ask me how I know.)  

Congratulations to my daughter for swimming in the final meet on Friday. Next up are the SATs. Oh boy.

I am a die-hard Broncos fan, after living in Denver for 10 years and marveling at the brilliance of John Elway and rejoicing with millions of fans in previous Super Bowls.  But Peyton Manning and the team sure did disappoint me tonight. <big sigh>  At least most of the commercials were worth watching. The Radio Shack commercial with all those 80s icons made me laugh.


  1. Your quilt looks great. I decided I wanted to make it bigger, too. It is such a lovely quilt I wanted it on my bed. Happy sewing, it will look wonderful when you are done!