Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weather or Not

Enough with the snow!  Last Tuesday, Mother Nature dropped 11 inches of snow on my house. Then a few days later she gave us another 3 inches. I'm still tromping through snow deep enough to seep down into my high-top hiking boots. 

The good news about the cold weather is that I have to stay home and sew. And so I did!  I am working hard on my UFOs. I saw a fellow quilt blogger had listed all her UFOs on one page and marked them off as she completed them.  Well, I'm doing that, too, with my 2014 list. I even organized my sewing room so I could see what I had. OMG - I have a brimming crumbs and strings box plus a couple projects I had forgotten about. One of the things I accomplished was assembling the blocks for this "Red Cross" quilt. 

On a higher note, I found pictures of my Stearman flight from September. Thank you, Roger, for letting me fly her!  It was a bit chilly in that open cockpit but an unforgettable experience. Hey, that picture looks like my blog header!!!


  1. Love the simple colour scheme of the red cross quilt :)

    1. Thanks, Helen. I tend to like strong graphics and this one jumped out at me from the Modern Quilt Guild when people were making quilts for the Oklahoma tornado victims in Moore. I am trying to decide if I want to quilt it in straight lines across the quilt, or echo quilting around the crosses and diamonds....and in white or red thread. Any suggestions?