Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quilt or Painting

Winter storm Hercules swept through Thursday evening. Six inches of snow means I can stay home and sew!  Actually I stayed home and worked on Friday then rewarded myself with some Celtic Solstice blocks.  Now the enormity of sewing all those 3.5 inch squares together is making itself known.  However I have about a third of the blocks done and it's looking fantastic!
When I arranged my first blocks (not yet ironed), my dear daughter said "It's kinda busy." <sigh> Then today after ironing them nice and flat, she looked at it and said "It's pretty and it's mine". "No" my husband said, "It's mine!".  <happy sigh> I think they like it!  Actually, it is sort of like a painting. Up close all you can see is a jumble of colors. You take a step back and SNAP all of a sudden you see the beauty of the pattern and colors. Thank you, Bonnie Hunter!
Has anyone experienced this problem? Occasionally I flip a piece around while I am sewing up the block. Sometimes it is the blue star points and other times I turn around the four-patch. My seam ripper is getting quite the workout. Can anyone see the problem in the upper left block on the quilt above?  I just found it. 

Many of you who shop Connecting Threads will spot familiar patterns in the oranges, greens and blues. 

Bonnie unveiled the final design on New Years Day, but I didn't look online until the evening. Instead I was busy working on Blueberry Hill (aka Jamestown Landing). I have finished 10 rows out of 21. This one will probably take me all year long to finish. Maybe I should name this quilt The Jamestown Marathon.

How far have you progressed on Celtic Solstice?  Did you proudly add the Celtic Solstice badge to your blog?


  1. Your mystery looks fantastic!

    I lay each block out and look at it closely before sewing it. I've caught myself with a few components around the wrong way, but I don't think any have got by me yet. Of course I could be wrong and will find something after the whole quilt is assembled and quilted (that has happened before).

  2. Your mystery quilt does look fantastic! I often see a mistake in a photo of a quilt more clearly than in person :)

  3. Everybody flips! ;O If they don't admit it they're not being truthful. LOL So who's going to win out on getting the finished quilt? Jamestown Marathon sounds appropriate. Stay warm!

  4. I did a whole quilt with that block and had it quilted, bound and all the wall before I noticed the mistake. Now I take a picture before quilting a quilt and that helps me see any mistakes. Your blocks look gorgeous.

  5. Your CS is beautiful. You do really have to pay attention to the layout, it is easy to get yhings flipped around.

  6. I learned long ago to clip my sets of ten in the same direction! I always line my piles up and sew the same way, if one block is flipped it gets sewn in backwards...ack! Now that I take the time to line them up the first time I do better, but I did manage to put one of my borders on backwards despite paying serious attention to the directions as I went! :)