Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Word of the Year

Many bloggers are buzzing about their word of the year. I have given it a lot of thought and decided my word is FOCUS.  Focus on finishing up projects, focus on improving my flying skills, focus on my family, focus on fitness. I have a daughter with ADHD and she seems to be more focused than me at times.... although focused on boys rather than homework. Oh well.

OnSaturday I finished sewing all the blocks for Celtic Solstice and even stitched the orange triangle border.  I carefully laid out the blocks on the floor, checking for errors (none!) and admiring the beauty of the design. Luckily I snapped the following picture.  As soon as my back was turned, a cat decided to rearrange the blocks.

Did you notice the green striped border Bonnie Hunter used on her quilt? I like it so much that I am going to order similar fabric from Connecting Threads for my quilt. And maybe I will get some more orange fabric because this quilt depleted my stash. And I'm thinking of making Carolina Crossroads in the blue/orange combo I've seen on the web. Oh wait, FOCUS.  Gotta focus on finishing the projects already in progress.

On a higher note, it rained all day Saturday so our planned flyout was a bust. Sunday was a bit too windy for my taste so I focused on laundry (and sewing) and cleaning up the kitchen (and sewing). What am I sewing if Celtic Solstice is on hold until the border fabric arrives?  I am finally quilting a lap quilt I put together over a year ago. After that one is done, I plan to quilt another top I finished last fall. Yep, focused on finishing up projects.

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  1. Your Solstice quilt is looking wonderful. Great job on focussing on getting those UFOs finished - look forward to seeing them when they are done :)