Sunday, December 29, 2013

Eye Candy

I had promised to share more pics of quilts. Here are a few quilts I have actually FULLY finished:

1. Many Fish in the Sea. This was a gift for my daughter when she finished middle school. This was the first quilt I sent to be quilted on a longarm. She quilted it with a lot of ocean-like swirls. The pattern is from Sally Schneider's Scrap Mania book.  The kiddo picked out most of the prints. We went with red, blue, tiger, rainbow, dog, cat....channeling my favorite book from Dr. Seuss. I even made a matching pillow sham.

2. Hound Dog. This was a gift for a co-worker who was pregnant with her son. I found a cute charm pack of dog-themed prints and made up my own pattern. I free-motion quilted dog bones inside each square. The sweet yellow lab is my dog, Jessie. 

 3. Anchors Away. This is another gift for my daughter who is obsessed with anchors. Connecting Threads had featured a nautical line of prints with lots of anchors, so I snatched up a bunch of half yard prints. I was able to sew this secretly to surprise my daughter when she finished her first year of high school. She was absolutely thrilled!  I free-motion quilted little anchors inside each triangle, and a large anchor in each large white diamond. I added her name in the corners and on the back. This was SO much fun to quilt!

4. Mystery Quilt 2011 from Quilters Club of America. I found some cheap fat quarters from Wal-Mart and followed each step. I ended up splitting the blocks and making two quilts. One is finished and the other is in my ever-growing To-Be-Quilted pile. That's what is so amazing about the above quilt - that I actually enjoyed quilting it. Anyway, this version went to my mom who loves it, ignoring my "folksy" orange peel quilting and crazy leaves border. The pattern is "Worms and Jelly Rolls" [I didn't care much for the name] and can be found on
5. Orange Crush Chevrons. This was a birthday gift for my brother which will probably end up being used by his son Sammy who was born this year. The pattern is free at What is amazing is that I could not stand the color orange, but this quilt made me see the error of my ways. I set a personal speed record with this one - 5 weeks!

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  1. Great quilts and great job on quilting the anchors, not an easy shape! I've fallen for the colour orange recently too, despite my previous dislike of it. Happy New Year :)