Tuesday, June 7, 2016

So Close

Do you know the thrill that comes when you have completed all the blocks for your quilting project?  You carefully cut and sewed the pieces, then counted the blocks and finally have everything ready to lay out before the final assembly. I am FINALLY at that point with "Colorado Sunshine" (aka Bonnie Hunter's Floribunda pattern).  Wanna see?

See that space on the left? I have the block, but.... something is not right. 

I can fix this. Just a bit more to do on the pieced border and it is Assembly Time. Yay!!!

How are your summer projects coming along?


  1. Oh it is beautiful! I really love this pattern. It's one I have been wanting to make. What kind of batting are you going to use? After the piecing is completed, my next favorite part is hand sewing the binding down. I get to admire the blocks and fabrics as I sew around the edge of the quilt that one last time. Will you do the quilting yourself?

    1. Thanks, Sally. Piecing and binding are my favorite parts so I outsource the quilting and use 80/20 batting. This pattern is easy to use as a leader/ender project. I made one or two blocks from each floral print on hand. My daughter would recognize several of the prints that were leftover from dresses I had made her when she was little. I think that's the best part of scrap quilting - recognizing fabric prints.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your version of this pattern completed. One of these days, I'll get around to making a Floribunda Quilt for myself!

  3. I really love your version of Bonnie's Florabunda! It looks so cheery!