Monday, December 21, 2015

Lumberjack Blues

This past weekend I spent hours with my neighbor splitting logs cut from felled trees on their property. We had rented a big ol' log splitter, then my husband nearly split his hand when a log slipped. So I became his substitute instead of doing some sewing as I had planned. Oh well, it was good exercise. Check out some of the piles we built.

And now I am hearing that log splitter in my dreams. I've got the Lumberjack Blues. Hey, I found a group with that very name. Their musical style seems to be classic southern blues, my favorite. Check it out:

I did find enough downtime to sew a bit on Clue 4 of Allietare (HERE is the link to Bonnie's Linky progress page). Only 27 more sets to sew....


  1. Good job on the units and the wood piles (would you come splitting for me?) Thanks for the music, I'm a blues lover,too.

  2. I've got a pile of felled trees, but need them cut into manageable pieces first. Do you do that too?

    Nice mystery units.

  3. You go, lumberjack girl! I admire that! I thought I was busy making peppermint bark and banana bread and cookies. Great clue #4 too, thanks for sharing.

  4. I remember the days of getting Lovely units for the MQ.

  5. Lots of wood--lots of work! Happy Holidays.