Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Aftermath

Although we who live on the US east coast had a rainy Christmas rather than a white one, I enjoyed a quiet time at home opening gifts I truly wanted.  Among those received, check out the infamous Quilter pajamas:

and a t-shirt nod to my other favorite hobby:

Like many of you, we could not resist watching a 3D version of the latest Star Wars episode. Can you believe my teenager had never ever seen a Star Wars movie????  After Christmas, we began a Star Wars marathon, starting with Episode 1 (rather than film date order).

I also put in a few hours sewing on Allietare, the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt of 2015.  I am over halfway through both Clue 4 and Clue 5. HERE is the current linky page.
Naturally I indulged in a bit of guesswork on the block design.  Who knows?  Bonnie likes to keep us guessing!


  1. I'm a quilter, and my hubby is a pilot (and A&P, and experimental airplane builder)! :) Your pieces look great. Isn't this a fun project so far?

  2. Interesting guesses, I can't wait to see what the central units for our blocks will be!

  3. That Part 4 is a biggie isn't it? Your fabrics are looking good.