Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Update

Summer is halfway over but at least there are six more weeks until the big college move. Here is why I have been neglecting my blog:

1.  Ginormous Garden Growth

2. Fantastic Flying Fun

Congrats to local pilot Jason Flood who received FAA permission for an aerobatic training "box". Check out the video here and watch for Jason's smile at 2:38.  Jason flies an exciting aerobatic routine in the annual airshow at my local airport.

3. Wonderful Workout Walking (no pictures of me actually walking - you don't want to see my sweaty bod). YES - I was finally in first place at least once.

4. And finally - Quietly Quaint Quilting.

          Mocha Swirl is quilted and bound - DONE.

          Red Cross is nearly done, just a few more blocks to quilt. It's already bound.

          Colossal Celtic Solstice is now quilted, trimmed and ready to bind. [Loud TA DA]. It's actually a bit too big for my queen-size bed. Then again, it is a king-size quilt. Cindy, my longarm gal (machine, not her arms), said she only had a couple inches to spare on her leader. The quilting is perfect for this pattern - enhances without overwhelming.  Love it, love it, love it!

How is your summer going?

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  1. Your vegetable garden looks magnificent! I wasn't able to grow one this year.....I am planning a move of my own if my house sells!