Thursday, April 30, 2015

Progress on Grand Illusion

I am actively working on two quilts at the same time - Blueberry Hill and Grand Illusion. That does not include several quilt projects set aside until I can focus on them.  Having two very different projects going allows me to switch back and forth when I get tired of one or the other.  Nope, focusing on only one project just isn't my cup of tea.

The center of Blueberry Hill is nearly finished. It's at a point where I need to lay out the final rows before sewing, so will need to wait until I can dedicate a few hours. Therefore, I switched to working on Grand Illusion. I had decided to change from dark green pieced sashing to light green, allowing the blocks to stand out better. Check out the difference:

Switch to light green....
Much better!

I have to pause a moment and brag about my daughter. Her prom was last Friday and she looked so beautiful!

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