Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring is coming

Not much has changed with the ongoing sewing projects. Added a couple rows of Jamestown Landing, sewed a few more components for king-size Celtic. Still waiting for dry ground to lay out flimsies and spray on basting adhesive. Then I got a wild hair and made myself a lunch bag. I'm so proud of it!

Saturday was 50 degrees and winds were light. FINALLY it was great flying weather! I made a quick call to the airport manager Friday evening and he got our icy hangar doors open so we can escape. Hubby and I flew west about an hour then found out our favorite airport cafe was closed. Oh well, we flew east and went to our second favorite airport cafe. We met up with a couple friends, did a little hangar talk, then hopped back home.

He really was thrilled to be up in the air, just not happy to have his picture taken. Too bad!

This is the view from the cockpit. The snow has been hanging around but a few more days like today and it will just be muddy. [Those gray lines across the front is actually how my camera shows a spinning propellor. Funny!]

Anyway, it was very satisfying to get back up and enjoy the scenery. Hope you had a nice day, too!

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